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The Series

HKDSE Economics in Life (2nd Edition) has been specifically written in accordance with the senior secondary economics curriculum and the requirements of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Economics examination. The series consists of seven books, covering all compulsory and elective parts of the senior secondary economics curriculum.

Features of the series are as follows:
  1. Written from a learning perspective to arouse students’ interest – Each chapter includes several ‘Brainstorm’ sections to motivate students and help them relate what they are learning to their daily lives.
  2. Uses everyday examples and applies economic concepts – Economics is closely related to our lives. Sections entitled ‘Around Us’ and ‘Around the World’ are included to provide interesting real-life examples and show students how they can analyse current issues and daily phenomena from the perspective of economics.
  3. Focuses on both ‘assessment of learning’ and ‘assessment for learning’ – Sections entitled ‘Exercise’ are included at appropriate places within each chapter to help teachers and students carry out learning and assessment activities. The exercises serve to assess students’ understanding of the topic, as well as provide students with a chance to consolidate what they have learnt up to that point.
  4. Enriches students’ understanding – To inspire students to think deeper, and to cater to individual differences, a section entitled ‘Enrich Yourself’ is included. Besides illustrating to students how they can apply economic concepts to analyse economic problems, this section also presents additional information relevant to the topic for students’ reference.
  5. Offers useful learning resources to prepare students for examination – At appropriate places within a unit, an ‘Revision Corner’ section is included to help students review what has been learnt and resolve any misconceptions through guided questions, as well as provide a list of topics covered to facilitate students’ revision. A ‘Revision Exercise’ in each chapter helps students consolidate the learning points from each topic and provides formative and summative assessment tasks to evaluate students’ understanding. A section entitled ‘DRQ Level-up’/‘Extension Exercise’ is included at the end of each chapter, providing students with wide exposure to different types of information that they may come across while studying economics, and in public assessment.
  6. Provides support for e-learning and self-learning – QR codes have been included at appropriate places, giving students easy access to various online resources to arouse their interest in the topic, widen their exposure, and help them develop self-learning skills.