Multiple-choice and long questions for Book 1B (Units 4, 5, 6), Book 2B (Units 9, 10, 11), Book 3A (Unit 12), Book 3B (Unit 13) and Book 3C (Unit 14) have been added.
Online Question Bank+ has been optimized to improve the user experience. For details, please refer to the ‘User guide’ above. (Note: Users can still use certain functions of the old question bank to view and download previously created test papers. Please click here to enter the old question bank. However, if you want to create a new quiz, please use the new system, the Online Question Bank+.)
Multiple-choice and long questions for Book 1A (Units 1, 2, 3) and Book 2A (Units 7, 8) have been added.
Online Question Bank+ is now available, with all questions from Units 1 to 14 uploaded. It also includes new features: marking questions and exporting test papers as Google Forms.