From a user to a maker

STEM projects to develop future creative maker.


Using your smartphone as a microscope
Making a simple microscope with smartphone
The magnified image of a piece of onion skin
3D-printed clip with a glass bead inserted
Combining a smartphone with the 3D-printed clip to make a microscope

Making an own model to learn the organ structure
Making a cell membrane model
Making a heart valve model

Editing and printing a 3D model for biology class
Online 3D model library
Viewing model online
Downloading 3D-printed model
Printing the model to learn more
From a student to a self-learner

Various resources for students to develop their own self-learning journeys.

Flipped classroom
Experiment videos and animations to support learning

Simulated experiments
Simulated experiments to help students study at their own pace
From a classmate to a collaborator

Group learning activities to promote learning by working together.

Activity worksheets
Study of a global environmental issue
Visiting a food production plant
Visiting a sewage treatment works
From a teacher to a facilitator

The e-Companion app provides a wealth of resources and functions to support facilitative learning through the ‘BIO’ features.

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Unique learning experiences to engage students.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Viewing interactive AR models with the app and supported book pages
Viewing AR models on Safari directly
Learning from mixed reality

Virtual Reality (VR)
VR tour to a sludge treatment facility
Further resources to learn more
Exercises to consolidate knowledge

Interactive functions provided in e-Textbooks to encourage the participation from students.

Live Lesson
View the book pages with students simultaneously
Instant polling and other interactive functions to promote in-class discussion

Resources developed to provide ease and flexibility to suit the various learning needs and platforms

Assessment report generation
Cross-platform resources

Other useful tools and resources

A wealth of tools and resources to facilitate the preparation and delivery of classes.