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Chapter 15 Measurement of Economic Performance (I)
Inspiring Video: Circular flow model
Skills Check‧Data interpreting: Finding GDP component(s), GDP at factor cost/market prices
Skills Check‧Diagram reading: Production chains
Chapter 16 Measurement of Economic Performance (II)
Flipped Classroom: Growth rate of GDP
Skills Check‧Data interpreting: Relationships among (growth rates of) nominal GDP, real GDP, population and price level
Chapter 17 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Inspiring Video: Aggregate demand
Skills Check‧Graph drawing: Drawing AD, SRAS and LRAS curves
Skills Check‧Data interpreting: Events/situations leading to the change(s) in AD and/or SRAS/LRAS
Chapter 18 Determination of Output and Price
Flipped Classroom: Macroeconomic equilibrium
Skills Check‧Graph drawing: Indicating a deflationary/an inflationary gap
Skills Check‧Graph drawing: Indicating the change(s) in AD and/or SRAS/LRAS curve(s)
Chapter 19 Money and Banking
Flipped Classroom: Functions of a central bank
Chapter 20 Money Supply and Money Demand
Inspiring Video: Money supply in Hong Kong
Flipped Classroom: Maximum banking multiplier and actual banking multiplier
Skills Check‧Data interpreting: Actions leading to the change(s) in M1/M2/M3