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C1 Using Urban Space Wisely
1.1 What are urban areas?
1.2 What are the major types of urban land use in Hong Kong?
1.3 How are urban land uses distributed in Hong Kong?
2.1 What are the residential areas of Hong Kong like?
2.2 What are the industrial areas of Hong Kong like?
2.3 Are industrial and residential areas located close to each other?
3.1 What is the Central Business District of Hong Kong like?
3.2 Why is Central the CBD of Hong Kong?
4.1 What are the major urban problems in Hong Kong?
4.2 What are the characteristics of urban decay in old urban areas?
4.3 What are the causes of urban problems in Hong Kong?
5.1 How can we tackle housing problems?
5.2 How can we reduce traffic congestion?
5.3 How can we ease pollution problems?
5.4 How can we manage urban decay?
6.1 What is sustainable development?
6.2 How can we make Hong Kong a sustainable city?

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