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E4 Taming the Sand
1.1 What are deserts? What are their characteristics?
1.2 Where are deserts?
2.1 What is desertification? Where does it usually occur?
2.2 Where does desertification occur in China? How are the physical environment and human conditions there?
2.3 What are the causes of desertification in China?
2.4 What are the impacts of desertification on China?
3.1 What are sandstorms? Which parts of the world do they affect?
3.2 Where do sandstorms occur in China? What are their causes?
3.3 What are the impacts of sandstorms on China?
4.1 What has China done to combat desertification and sandstorms?
4.2 Are the measures against desertification and sandstorms in China effective?

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