OverviewWhat is Aristo e-Bookshelf?

Aristo e-Bookshelf (Integrated Science) – Teacher’s Edition features the electronic resources for the related printed textbook series “Understanding Integrated Science for the 21st Century (Third Edition)”. The e-Bookshelf offers teachers a one-stop platform to access coursebooks, assignment books, supporting kits, teaching apps and online resources prepared by Aristo Educational Press Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that Aristo e-Bookshelf has been shortlisted as a finalist for the GESS Education Awards 2015 in the Best Paid for ICT / App category.

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All-in-OneOne app. All books.

Aristo e-Bookshelf has integrated all books, supporting materials, apps and online resources for the related series into a single app. Teachers only need to download this one app from the App Store to get all these resources. Similarly, to get hold of any new or updated items for the e-Bookshelf, they only need to update this single app.

The e-Bookshelf consists of five layers, designed to present the aforementioned resources in a systematic way.

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The e-Bookshelf provides an electronic version of the coursebooks. There are seven coursebooks to cover the three-year curriculum. Including both English and Chinese versions, that makes fourteen coursebooks in total. Teachers can switch freely between English and Chinese versions on every page.

Assignment books

The e-Bookshelf also provides the electronic format of the related assignment books. All the exercises are carefully graded and written to fully cover the concepts taught in the coursebooks. Teachers can choose to show or hide the answers, so that they can discuss questions and check answers with students in class.

Supporting kits

In addition to the coursebooks and assignment books, several supporting kits are provided to teachers through the e-Bookshelf, such as Revision Helper and Suggested Workscheme. Teachers can get the latest supporting kits by updating the e-Bookshelf app.

Teaching apps

The related apps have been incorporated into the e-Bookshelf and hence teachers do not need to download them one by one from the App Store. As with the supporting kits, teachers can get new or updated apps quickly and straightforwardly by updating the e-Bookshelf.

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Online resources

The bottom layer of the e-Bookshelf contains useful hyperlinks to our online resources.

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Useful tools and resourcesMuch more than an e-Book reader,
but a complete mobile support package.

The following tools and resources are provided in coursebooks and assignment books to facilitate the preparation and delivery of classes:

Offline access supportedNo Wi-Fi at school?
Let the class continue.

The e-Bookshelf can be used without network support. A network connection is only required when logging in, then teachers can use the app in its offline mode. Only YouTube videos, reference links and other online-dependent resources are limited by network accessibility.

The login status remains valid until teachers log out of e-Bookshelf or the app has been left idle for one month. Therefore, teachers can log in at home, in their staff room, or at any location with wireless network coverage, and then use the app even when classrooms or laboratories do not have Wi-Fi coverage. They can also take the e-Bookshelf to support activities at out-of-school learning events where no network is provided.

Any place
Single loginTake full advantage of all teaching resources with only one account.

Teachers can log in to all other apps and online resources included in the same series using just one account. They can also use their accounts to log in to Teacher’s Land on the Aristo’s website to get all the latest updates and support available to them.

Apps Resources Website
OthersAnd more …

In addition to the e-Bookshelf, some other apps are available on the App Store to support teachers. More are coming!