In this investigation, you will compare the amounts of reducing sugar in four everyday drinks. The amounts of reducing sugar in the following drinks will be estimated by performing Benedict’s test. Each type of drink will be mixed with Benedict’s solution and then heated in a boiling water bath. The colour of the reaction mixture after heating will depend on the amount of reducing sugar present in the drinks. 在本實驗,你會利用本立德試驗,估計並比較下列四種日常飲品中的還原糖含量。把本立德溶液加到各種飲品中,然後把混合物放入沸水浴內加熱。加熱後,混合物的顏色會取決於飲品中的還原糖含量。

  • soft drink汽水

  • soft drink containing artificial sweeteners含有人工增甜劑的汽水

  • skimmed milk脫脂奶

  • bottled apple juice瓶裝蘋果汁