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Basic Law and National Security Education

Local History Teaching Resources: Hong Kong Island (Chinese edition only)
Local History Teaching Resources: Kowloon Peninsula (Chinese edition only)
Local History Teaching Resources: New Territories (Chinese edition only)
Local History Teaching Resources: Outlying Islands (Chinese edition only)
Basic Law Teaching Resources
Curriculum Framework of NSE (Jr. Secondary History) & Overview of NSE Teaching Package
NSE: Relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland in the early period; the four major dialect groups (Topic 4)
NSE: Field trip - Fanling Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail (Topic 4)
NSE: Visiting - Cantonese Opera Education and Information Centre (Topic 4)
NSE: Understanding the country’s excellent cultural traditions through the local intangible cultural heritage (Topic 4)
NSE: Dutch East Indies under colonial rule (Topic 6)
NSE: China during European colonial expansion(Topic 6)
NSE: The origins and outbreak of the Opium Wars (Topic 8)
NSE: The local Chinese in Hong Kong under colonial rule in the 19th century (Topic 8)
NSE: Movie watching: Understanding the work of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals through Merry-Go-Round(Topic 8)
NSE: Project learning activity: Understanding local Chinese organizations (Topic 8)
NSE: Threat of terrorism (Topic 10)
NSE: China's participation in international cooperation (Topic 11)
NSE: Hong Kong and the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (Topic 12)
NSE: Project learning activity: Dongjiang water supply to Hong Kong (Topic 12)
NSE: Hong Kong's return to the Motherland (Topic 12)