Fundamental Worksheets

Junior form topics

JT.1 Fractions
JT.2 Decimals
JT.3 H.C.F. and L.C.M.
JT.4 Directed numbers
JT.5 Solving linear equations in one unknown
JT.6 Percentages I (Basic Concept)
JT.7 Percentages II (Percentage change)
JT.8 Percentages III (Profit and loss; discount)
JT.9 Percentages IV (Interest)
JT.10 Manipulation of polynomials
JT.11 Identities and factorization
JT.12 Algebraic fractions
JT.13 Formulas and substitution
JT.15 Graphs of linear equations in two unknowns
JT.16 Solving simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns
JT.17 Laws of integral indices
JT.19 Surds
JT.20 Solving linear inequalities in one unknown
JT.26 Pythagoras’ theorem
JT.35 Introduction to coordinates
JT.36 Coordinate geometry of straight lines

Senior form topics

ST.1 Solving quadratic equations in one unknown
ST.2 Nature of roots of a quadratic equation