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Book 3B Unit 13

Unit 13 From Atoms to Materials



13.1 Atoms and elements
13.2 Periodic Table
13.3 Compounds and mixtures
13.4 Metals
13.5 Materials of the modern world
Unit end


Unit 13
Unit 13

Unit 13
Unit 13

Content page

Content page

Unit 13

Unit 13

Corrigenda (Reprinted with minor amendments in 2023)
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Units 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 13
Teaching resources for teachers:
  • Teaching plan
  • Worksheets (with suggested answers)
  • Suggested teaching scheme
Worksheets for students

Describing physical properties of substances (Related to p.8)  SPS: OB 
Writing balanced chemical equations (Related to p.38)  SPS: CM 
Identifying physical changes and chemical changes (Related to p.41)  SPS: CS 

Key Steps of Scientific Investigation
Scientific Investigation Training Programme

Science English Basics
Unit 13

Device that uses sweat to generate electricity(11/2021) COMPUTER SCIENCE 
Days of strong humid heat are on the rise(08/2020) ENVIRONMENT 
Governments are fighting large swarms of locusts(08/2020) ENVIRONMENT 
The Australia's bushfires brought huge damages to the wildlife(04/2020) ENVIRONMENT 

Topic 1: Temperature and Thermometer
Topic 2: Transfer Processes
Topic 3: Heat and Internal Energy
Topic 4: Refraction of Light
Topic 5: Total Internal Reflection
Topic 6: Convex Lenses and Concave Lenses
Topic 1: The Atmosphere and the Ocean
Topic 2: Rocks and Minerals
Topic 3: Atomic Structure
Topic 4: The Periodic Table
Topic 5: Chemical Bonding: Ionic Bonding (I)
Topic 6: Chemical Bonding: Ionic Bonding (II) and Metallic Bonding
Topic 7: Chemical Bonding: Covalent Bonding
Topic 1: Molecules of Life
Topic 2: Cellular Organization
Topic 3: Movement of Substances across the Cell Membrane
Topic 4: Metabolism and Enzymes
Topic 5: Gas Exchange in Humans
Topic 6: Transport of Substances in Humans

Reusing hard disk and Replacing it with DNA
Household project: Make your home 'smart' using IoT and IFTTT
Detection in daily life: Using Google Science Journal and ChemEye
Is sashimi safe to eat?(05/2019)
How much plastic do we take in each year? (23-8-2019)
A new material making use of sunlight to purify water (6-3-2019)
Charging for municipal solid waste proposed (31-10-2018)
Plastic pollution threatening the lives of the ocean giants (5-2-2018)
World’s first hydrogen-powered train in Germany (12-11-2017)
Damaged copper cables causing major delay on Kwun Tong Line (19-10-2017)

Travel with Aristo — Japan