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Chapter 1
The seven characteristics of organisms
The scientific method
Practical 1.1 Designing an investigation to find a method to slow down the browning of cut apple
Chapter 2
Practical 2.1 Test for glucose using glucose test strips
Practical 2.2 Benedict's test for reducing sugars
Practical 2.3 Iodine test for starch
Practical 2.4 Grease spot test for lipids
Practical 2.5 Test for proteins using protein test strips
Chapter 3
Practical 3.1 Observation with a light microscope
Practical 3.2 Preparation of a temporary mount of animal cells
Practical 3.3 Preparation of temporary mounts of plant cells and tissues
Chapter 4
Practical 4.1 Demonstration of osmosis using dialysis tubing
Practical 4.2 Demonstration of osmosis using living animal tissue
Practical 4.3 Study of osmosis in red blood cells
Practical 4.4 Study of osmosis in living plant cells
Practical 4.5 Study of osmosis in living plant tissue
Practical 4.6 Designing an investigation to determine the water potential of potato tissue
Chapter 5
Practical 5.1 Demonstration of the action of the enzyme catalase
Practical 5.2 Investigation of the effect of temperature on enzyme activity
Practical 5.3 Investigation of the effect of pH on enzyme activity
Practical 5.4 Designing an investigation to study the effect of inhibitors on enzyme activity
Practical 5.5 Investigation of enzyme activities in fruits
Practical 5.6 Designing an investigation to compare the effectiveness of different biological washing powders