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B1 Saving Our Rainforests
1.1 What are tropical rainforests? Where are they located?
1.2 Why are tropical rainforests found there?
1.3 What are the characteristics of tropical rainforests?
2.1 How do tropical rainforests regulate global climate?
2.2 What resources do tropical rainforests provide for us?
2.3 Who are living in tropical rainforests?
3.1 What is deforestation? How fast is it happening in tropical rainforests?
3.2 What are the farming activities in rainforests?
3.3 What are the resource extraction activities in rainforests?
3.4 What are the development projects in rainforests?
3.5 Why is there large-scale deforestation in rainforests?
4.1 What are the environmental impacts of deforestation?
4.2 What are the socio-economic impacts of deforestation?
5.1 What can the governments do to save rainforests?
5.2 What can private corporations do to save rainforests?
5.3 What can individuals do to save rainforests? (Role Play)

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